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FREYSCHMIDT - FRINGS - PANANIS - VENN - Verteidiger in Strafsachen

Celina Serbest ATTORNEY-AT-LAW

Celina Serbest joined FFPV in 2021 as a criminal defense attorney. She defends and advises in all areas of commercial crime law, especially in the field of environmental criminal law.


Celina Serbest was born and raised in Berlin. She studied law at the University of Potsdam from 2010, specializing in commercial criminal law, criminal tax law and criminal environmental law.

Both during and after her studies, she worked as a student assistant and later as a research assistant at at the chairs of the University of Potsdam for criminal law with juvenile criminal law and criminology of Prof. Dr. Mitsch as well as for criminal law and criminal procedure law of Prof. Dr. Küpper and his successor Prof. Dr. Steinberg. After passing her first state exam in 2015, she worked for several years as a research assistant in a Potsdam commercial law firm.


Celina Serbest is member of the criminal law working group of the German Bar Association and the Vereinigung Berliner Strafverteidiger e.V.

Celina Serbest 
Hausvogteiplatz 10
10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 86 87 59 0
Fax: +49 30 86 87 59 11
E-Mail: c.serbest(at)