FREYSCHMIDT - FRINGS - PANANIS - VENN - Verteidiger in Strafsachen
FREYSCHMIDT - FRINGS - PANANIS - VENN - Verteidiger in Strafsachen

Nikolai Venn


Nikolai Venn is a partner of the law office since 2008. Since being admitted to the bar in 1998, Nikolai Venn has been a practicing criminal defence attorney. In 2001 he became a certified specialist lawyer for criminal law (Fachanwalt für Strafrecht). Venn is advising and leading defences in all areas of white collar crime and specific parts of general criminal law. Competitors describe him as "reliable and creative" with "outstandig skills and plenty of forensic experience" (JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2015) and "reliable, competent" (JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2017). Personally listed as one of Germanys “Top Lawyers” for criminal law in the FOCUS magazine ranking 2018.


Born in Germany, Constance, in 1971, he grew up in Vienna (Austria) and The Hague (Netherlands). Venn began to study law at the Freie Universität Berlin in 1990. After passing the first state law examination he worked first as a legislative assistant, then, after the second state law examination in 1998 as a lawyer for a Berlin based law office in the field of criminal law. In 2001 Venn moved to a corporate law firm, where he was responsible for commercial criminal law. In 2008 he joined his current partners.

Apart from advising firms and organisations in the field of competition law, Venn is primarily acting as individual defence counsel. Cases which have been commented in the press include defending managers in prominent banking cases such BerlinHyp, SachsenLB, HSH Nordbank, Bayern LB, Wölbern Invest as well as several local savings banks, the defence of the former CEO of the Berliner Bäderbetriebe, the CFO of the Berliner Stadtreinigung and his activities in the investigations concerning Toll Collect.

Lectures and Publications

Between 2001 and 2011, Nikolai Venn was a pro bono lecturer in the faculty of law at the University of Potsdam, whose courses included criminal procedural law, criminal business law, and the law governing criminal defence. At professional conferences and training events he is giving lectures on issues of white collar crime and the law of criminal procedures. Venn is a member of the advisory board of the Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und Haftung im Unternehmen (ZWH), a journal on commercial criminal law and corporate liability, and the author of several publications on material criminal law and criminal procedural law.


Nikolai Venn is chair of the Brandenburgische Kriminalpolitische Vereinigung e.V. (the Brandenburg Criminal Policy Association) and a member of the Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung (WiSteV), the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht des Deutschen Anwaltvereins, the Vereinigung Berliner Strafverteidiger as well as the German-Dutch Lawyers Association. 

Nikolai Venn
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