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FREYSCHMIDT - FRINGS - PANANIS - VENN - Verteidiger in Strafsachen


It is our aim to participate in the legal discourse through regular publications and thus to contribute to the further development of law. We regularly publish specialist essays and comments on judgements and contribute to various commentaries and handbooks. In addition, we are active as co-editors respectively advisory board members of the professional journals Strafverteidiger Forum (StraFo), Strafrechtsreport (StRR) and Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und Haftung im Unternehmen (ZWH). The topics we address cover the entire field of (commercial) criminal law and criminal procedural law. This is what distinguishes the quality of our advice and the assertiveness of our arguments before authorities and courts.

Recently published:

Herausgabeverlangen in Durchsuchungsanordnungen gegen Dritte

BGH, Beschluss vom 18. November 2021 – StB 6+7/21

NStZ 2022, 306 m. Anm. Venn


Hawala-System betreibende Organisation als kriminelle Vereinigung i.S.d. § 129 Abs. 2 StGB

BGH, Urteil vom  2. Juni 2021 - 3 StR 61/21

ZWH 2022, 18 m. Anm. Venn